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The Citroën 2CV, affectionately known as the “Deux Chevaux,” is a symbol of French ingenuity and simplicity. Conceived in the 1930s and officially introduced to the public in 1948, the 2CV was designed to motorize the large number of farmers still using horses and carts in rural France. With its distinctive ripple-sided design and roll-back sunroof, the 2CV was built for low cost, simplicity, durability, and versatility. Over the years, 2cvs became not just a car but a cultural icon, with over 5 million units produced until its production ceased in 1990.

The 2CV’s enduring appeal lies in its unique combination of affordability, practicality, and charm. It’s a car that was engineered to be driven across a plowed field without breaking the eggs in the basket on the passenger seat – a testament to its gentle suspension system. The 2CV’s minimalist approach and ease of maintenance have endeared it to generations of fans who appreciate the car’s character and history. Its popularity extends beyond France, with a passionate global community of enthusiasts who celebrate, restore, and drive these endearing vehicles.

One such hub for 2CV aficionados is the online community at This platform serves as a gathering place for lovers of the Citroën 2CV, where members can share stories, advice, and experiences. The site offers a wealth of resources, including restoration tips, parts sourcing, event listings, and forums for discussion. It’s a vibrant community that connects 2CV fans from all corners of the globe, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared passion for this classic automobile.

Why the 2CV Captures Hearts

The Citroën 2CV’s design and engineering are a testament to the innovative spirit of the post-war era. Its air-cooled two-cylinder engine, which initially produced a mere 9 horsepower, is a marvel of efficiency and simplicity. The car’s lightweight construction and distinctive soft suspension contribute to its ability to navigate rough terrain with ease. The 2CV’s design philosophy was “less is more,” and this is evident in features such as its roll-up windows and detachable seats that could be used as picnic chairs. Despite, or perhaps because of, its minimalist design, the 2CV has become an enduring symbol of ingenuity.

More than just a car, the 2CV is deeply ingrained in French culture. It represents a time of renewal and progress in France, embodying the nation’s post-war return to joy and normalcy. The 2CV has been featured in countless films, books, and songs, further cementing its status as a cultural icon. It’s not just a mode of transportation; it’s a statement about the French way of life, embracing simplicity, practicality, and the joy of the open road.


Behind every 2CV, there is a personal story. Owners often speak of their 2CVs with affection, recounting tales of road trips, family outings, and the adventures that come with owning such a charismatic vehicle. These stories create an emotional connection that transcends the material and speaks to the heart of what it means to be a part of the 2CV community. Whether it’s the memory of a grandparent’s car or the first vehicle one ever drove, the 2CV holds a special place in the lives of those who have experienced its charm.

Restoring Your 2CV: A Labor of Love

Restoring a Citroën 2CV is a journey that many car enthusiasts find deeply rewarding. The process of bringing a vintage 2CV back to its former glory is a labor of love that requires patience, dedication, and a touch of nostalgia. The joy of seeing a dilapidated 2CV transform into a roadworthy piece of history is unparalleled. However, the path to restoration is fraught with challenges, from sourcing rare parts to mastering the nuances of its unique mechanics. Each restored 2CV becomes a personal triumph and a celebrated addition to the global community of 2CV lovers.

For those embarking on the restoration journey, maintaining the authenticity of the 2CV is paramount. It’s essential to source the right parts that match the original specifications. Enthusiasts often turn to specialized websites and forums for help, and one such resource is The site is a treasure trove of information, with experts like Louis Barbour providing invaluable advice on restoration. Louis, a renowned figure in the 2CV community, offers insights into keeping restorations as authentic as possible, ensuring that each 2CV retains its historical integrity.

Meeting Other 2CV Fans

For those who cherish the Citroën 2CV, there is a vibrant and welcoming community of like-minded enthusiasts. Local and international 2CV clubs offer a sense of belonging and an opportunity to share the passion for these unique vehicles. These clubs often organize meetups, rallies, and other events where owners can display their cars, exchange stories, and enjoy the camaraderie. The sense of community at these gatherings is palpable, with members eager to welcome new 2CV fans and share their knowledge and experiences.

Connecting with other 2CV enthusiasts online is another way to engage with the community. Social media groups, forums, and websites dedicated to the 2CV are excellent resources for advice, support, and friendship. These online platforms allow fans from all over the world to connect, regardless of their location. Whether you’re looking for restoration tips, seeking advice on maintenance, or simply wanting to share your 2CV journey, there’s a space online for every 2CV enthusiast.
One of the highlights of being part of the 2CV community is participating in events and rallies. These gatherings are not only a showcase for beautifully maintained and restored 2CVs but also a testament to the enduring spirit of the 2CV culture. For those looking for adventure, lists various raids, which are long-distance driving adventures that take 2CVs through challenging and scenic routes across continents. These events are a true test of endurance for both the cars and their drivers, creating unforgettable experiences and stories that last a lifetime.

The 2CV in Modern Times

In today’s classic car scene, the Citroën 2CV holds a special place. It’s not the fastest or the most luxurious, but it has an undeniable charm that continues to capture the hearts of car enthusiasts around the world. The 2CV stands out for its design, history, and the sense of freedom it represents. It’s a car that invites smiles and curiosity, making it a popular choice at classic car shows and vintage rallies. The 2CV’s simplicity and mechanical accessibility also make it an excellent entry point for those new to the world of classic car restoration and maintenance.

New generations are discovering the 2CV through various channels. Social media, classic car events, and films have introduced the younger crowd to the allure of the 2CV. The car’s appearance in modern media often sparks interest in its quirky design and storied past, leading to a new wave of admirers and potential owners. Additionally, the environmental aspect of maintaining and driving a classic car, as opposed to purchasing a new one, resonates with eco-conscious individuals who value sustainability and the preservation of automotive history.

The future of the 2CV community looks bright as it continues to welcome new members and embrace evolving trends. With the rise of electric vehicle conversions, there’s growing interest in retrofitting classic 2CVs with electric powertrains, offering a blend of vintage aesthetics and modern technology. This innovation ensures that the 2CV remains relevant and adaptable to the changing times. The community’s spirit of sharing knowledge and fostering connections will undoubtedly carry the legacy of the 2CV forward for generations to come.

Conclusion: Joining the Ranks of 2CV Enthusiasts

The Citroën 2CV community is more than just a group of car enthusiasts; it’s a vibrant collective that cherishes history, embraces simplicity, and celebrates individuality. The importance of this community cannot be overstated, as it provides a space for support, learning, and shared joy. Whether you’re a seasoned 2CV owner or someone who’s just discovered the allure of the “Deux Chevaux,” you’ll find a warm welcome among fellow fans.

If you’ve been captivated by the charm of the 2CV, consider taking the plunge into ownership and restoration. It’s a rewarding endeavor that not only preserves a piece of automotive history but also provides a unique sense of accomplishment. The journey of restoring and maintaining a 2CV can be challenging, but with the support of the community and resources available, it’s an adventure well worth undertaking.

We invite you to share your own 2CV stories and experiences. Whether it’s a tale of a cross-country road trip, the process of a meticulous restoration, or simply the daily joy of driving a 2CV, your stories contribute to the rich tapestry of the 2CV legacy. Join the ranks of 2CV enthusiasts and become part of a story that continues to unfold, connecting people from all walks of life through their shared passion for this iconic car.

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