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AREA: 300 km2

Plitvice Lakes is the oldest and largest national park in the Republic of Croatia. With its exceptional natural beauty, this area has always attracted nature lovers. The most attractive part of the park – the lakes – cover just under 1% of the total park area.

The lake system is comprised of 16 named and several smaller unnamed lakes, cascading one into the next. The lakes end in the impressive waterfalls Sastavci, with the Korana River springing under the base of the falls.

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OFFICIAL WEBSITE: https://np-plitvicka-jezera.hr/en/

Paklenica National park

AREA: 95 km2

The small area of Paklenica has an abundance of geomorphological phenomena and forms, diverse flora and fauna, attractive landscapes and intact nature. Distinctive features of Paklenica National Park are autochthonous forests of Black Pine, several types of Beech forests and deep canyons with torrent flows of Velika and Mala Paklenica.

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OFFICIAL WEBSITE: https://www.np-paklenica.hr/en/

KOrnati National park

AREA: 217 km2

Kornati islands is a labyrinth of 89 islands and reefs, 217 km2 in size. Archipelago was named after its biggest part, and the main island, Kornat. It’s one of the most visited sights in Croatia, praised for the stunning, out of this world views. Boating enthusiasts adore the tranquillity of these islands, and the slalom through narrow coves and channels between the islands and reefs.

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Krka National park

AREA: 109 km2

Krka National Park is named after the river Krka that it encloses. It is located along the middle-lower course of the Krka River in central Dalmatia, in Šibenik-Knin county, downstream Miljevci area, and just a few kilometers northeast of the city of Šibenik. It was formed to protect the Krka River and is intended primarily for scientific, cultural, educational, recreational, and tourism activities. It is the seventh national park in Croatia, with impressive waterfalls.