Road trips in 2CVs

Group trips in 2cvs, led and organized by people who love Citroen 2cv cars just as much as you do.

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Upcoming 2CV Raids

2cv Raid Balkans – 9 days

18 September 2024, 9 days
2cv Raid Balkans

2CV Raid Africa: Morocco 2024

13 October 2024, 26 days
2CV Raid Africa: Morocco

Take a road Trip in CLASSIC Citroen 2CVs

2CV Travel takes you on unique travel adventures, where you meet other people who share your passion for this classic car, Citroen 2CV.

And all the planning will be done for you!

You just drive!

2cv Raid Africa: Morocco 2020
2cv Raid Africa: Morocco 2020
Raid Afrique
2cv Raid Africa: Morocco 2020
2cv Raid Africa: Morocco 2020
Citroen 2cv Sahara
Raid Afrique
2CV images - Three rivers raid
Raid Laponie 2004
Raid Laponie 2004
Raid Laponie 2004
Raid Laponie 2004
2CV Raid Australia 2008
2CV Raid Australia 2008


Croatia is a land of breathtaking beauty. And we’ll take you driving through Croatia’s most beloved spots and some hidden gems, together with other 2 CV lovers.

Create Lifelong Memories with Other CLASSIC Car Lovers in 2CVs

It’s not only the beautiful sights that make our tours memorable but the great friends you make along the way.

Stories you shared and the unforgettable memories of the French classic car that will last you a lifetime.

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Raid Laponie 2004Raid Laponie 2004Raid Australia 20082CV Raid Australia 2008

You'll be in great company OF VINTAGE FRENCH CAR LOVERS

With over 20 years of experience, in driving, restoring and tuning Citroen 2CV’s, you are in great hands!

We took our beloved Citroën 2 cv classic cars around the world. From wide, open spaces of Australia to the long, Eerily beautiful icy mountains of Finland. And the best places in Croatia.

Our team of specialists will ensure that your 2cvs run smoothly throughout your journey, making your holiday stress-free, from start to the end. And you can get it fully restored!

Join Us on a classic 2CV Road Trip

Share Your Ideas for Future 2CV Travel Adventures

2cv world meeting 2023

We were at 24th 2cv World Meeting 2023 in Switzerland – Region Delémont, held 25.7 – 30.7.23.


Our 2CV Services

Our collaborator is non other than the legendary Louis Barbour. 

Want to ask him some 2CV questions?
Here’s your chance – we’ll be hosting a Q&A with him,
Ask anything you want.


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