The man in charge

Bojan Dvoršek, the man behind 2CV Travel

Participated in World 2CV meetings:

  • 1999 – Greece
  • 2001 – Austria
  • 2009 – Czech Republic
  • 2019 – Samobor, Croatia – member of the organizational Committee

In 2001 and 2003 he was involved in organizing Istria Raid, and in 2000 2004 he participated in Raid Laponie.

He is one of the founding members of Croatian Citroen 2CV Club, all the way back in 1998, and a member of its supervisory board.

He’s a passionate tennis player and tennis coach. Since 2002 he’s been running a succesful travel agency, Sport and travels, specializing in group trips combining travel and healthy activities.

Bojan Dvoršek, 2CV Travel CEO, and a professional tennis coach

The Team

Our Partners

Entire project is supported by our 2CV friends.

We have a long history of organizing 2CV events and meetings

More about us

Back in the year 2000 we became 1st Croatians who came almost till the finish line on Nordkapp.

We are more than just a adventure trips operator. As passionate Citroen 2CV lovers ourselves, not only do we love to explore the world, we also love tinker with our own cars, tune and fix them up, and make custom 2CV parts, discuss how to restore a 2cv, how to drive a 2cv…

Our 2CV specialists are always on hand, ensuring your car is in top shape before taking off on your adventure.