Raid Africa: Morocco

Price: €3.060 per car with 2 persons, any extra person + €980
Duration: 26 days


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2CV Raid Africa 2023

Welcome to 2CV Raid Morocco. A country of contrasts and contradictions, where one minute you’ll be standing on the highest point in Africa and then within minutes you’re surrounded by nothing but sand dunes.

It’s exotic, and its ancient history is steeped in mysticism and romance.

Raid Afrique

The Moroccan people are warm, friendly, welcoming – they really appreciate visitors from all corners of the world who choose to come pay them a visit for their culture or history lessons. And although it’s true that many Moroccans live below poverty level; they are extremely proud of what they have.

The culture of Morocco has been influenced by many different tribes and people over centuries including Berbers, Arabs, Spanish Moors and French colonists.

It’s no wonder then that Moroccan cuisine reflects this diversity with influences from across Africa, from couscous dishes to tagines made with meats like lamb or marinated fish.

Raid 2023 details

  • 26 days
  • 13 October
    (slight date change possible depending on the ferry)
  • Min. number of cars: 10
  • Max. number of cars: 25
  • Minimum Age: 18+
  • 3 Meeting points possible:
    Sežana, Slovenia
    Genoa, Italy
    Tangier, Morocco


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2cv Raid Africa: Morocco map
2cv Raid Africa: Morocco map

rAID 2CV 2023

  • Gathering and departure

    DAY 1: 13 OCtober
    • we meet at 9 o’clock at Sežana, Tuš parking lot
    • we drive to Total ERG gas station in Bettole di Novi, where we meet after driving approximately 500 km
    • we drive further to a hotel or camp, 60 km from Genoa, where we spend the night
  • Boarding the ferry and sailing

    DAY 2: 14 OCtober
    • we depart the parking lot at 8:30, direction Genoa
    • we enter the port and park on the platform / jetty
    • if desired, we can go to the city ( approx 40 minutes of easy walking) to see Genoa, the old town, aquariums, marina, port, etc. but you must have your passport, boat ticket with you
    • in the afternoon, together we handle the necessary documents at the police station in Port of Genoa
    • in front of the port entrance you will receive tickets for the ferry and an individual ID card for the police and a sticker on the first window indicating which ferry you are taking,
    • we board our 2cv’s to the ferry, with the help of a guide
    • take your belongings from the vehicle and take them to the reception, where you will get rooms on board, the guide will help you through all the steps
    • we will have the first meeting on board so you must have all the vehicle documents with you
    • the ferry will stop in Barcelona for 4 hours (there is no exit to land)
  • Sailing

    DAY 3: 15 OCtober
  • Arrival in Tangier MED

    DAY 4: 16 OCtober
    • we enter the port of Tanger Med, after about 48 hours of sailing
    • we handle the paperwork, you must take all the documents for the vehicle and for yourself with you
    • we stop at the border where you will have to show your documents and the vehicle will undergo a customs inspection
    • you’re not supposed to pay anything at the border, if someone tries to charge something, contact the organizer
    • we will meet on the platform above the harbor, together we will continue our 2cv journey to the hotel or camp, where we will spend the night
  • Tangier MED

    DAY 5: 17 OCtober
    • in the morning at 8:30 a.m. from the hotel parking lot or campsite, we head towards the Marjane shopping center, where we will buy phone cards and we exchange cell phone numbers
    • we can buy something in shops and have lunch in restaurants in the shopping center,
    • at 2 pm we continue driving in the direction of Lara on the road along the sea
    • we arrive in the city of Larache, spend the night in a camp, about 85 km from Tangier,
    • in the evening tour of the small medina, the city, the outskirts, drinking coffee with a beautiful view of the coast

  • Casablanca tour

    Day 6: 18 OCtober
    • We continue the 2cv Raid Africa from Larache to Casablanca and El-Jadida, a total of 380 km, so it will be a more demanding day
    • departure in the morning at 7:00 a.m. from Larache in the direction of Casablanca, about a 4-hour drive
    • on the way we will stop at a clay pot seller, there you can buy Tajine, the pot you need if you want to learn how to prepare Moroccan food in – we will have a course at the camp in Agadir
    • We park in Casablanca and visit the mosque of Hasan II
    • a 25-minute trip to the medina, followed by an independent walk to the souk/mesa
    • optional: lunch in local restaurants in the medina
    • we meet at the parking lot at the agreed time (or at the medina walls)
    • departure to El-Jadida along the coastal road, arrival at Camp Internacional, about 15 minutes from the city center
    • a tour of the city on foot, very touristy by arrangement and wish
    • we spend the night in the camp in tents or cars

  • El-Jadida - Essaouira

    Day 7: 19 OCtober
    • departure from the camp or hotel at 8:30 a.m. in the direction of Essaouira, about 280 km, 4 hours drive

    • we arrive at the Bab Marrakakech parking lot in Essaouira

    • full-day tour of the city, walls, medina, fish market

    • Lunch at the markets in the medina or at the fishing pier

    • overnight stay in a hotel or in a camp

  • Agadir

    Day 8: 20 OCtober
    • departure at 8:30 am, direction Agadir

    • we will visit producers of argan, we will be presented with the complete process from picking to processing into oil that is used for cosmetics and household, after the presentation you will be able to buy argan products

    • arrival at the camp in Aghroud, by the sea, around 1 p.m
      the drive to Agadir takes us along the sea, along the national road N1 in direction Agadir a

    • Afternoon rest, Moroccan cooking course – under the watchful eye of the guide we prepare meals in Tajine dishes

  • Taroudant

    Day 9: 21 OCtober
    • departure at 8:30 in the morning from the camp we have that day approx 100 km, cc a 3 hour drive to the Taroudant camp

    • we pass through Agadir, on the way we will stop at Marjane shopping mall, possibility of shopping

    • departure to Taroudant at 11:00 a.m., purchase of local honey on the way to the camp

    • afternoon tour of the city of Taroudant, which is also called Little Marrakech

  • Taliouine

    Day 10: 22 OCtober
    • departure in the morning 8.30, direction Taliouine, about 110 km
    • arrival in the town of Taliouine, visit to the saffron cooperative
    • overnight stay in the camp
  • Agdz

    Day : 23 OCtober
    • departure from camp Taliouine at 8.30 am, about 180 km or 3 hours drive
    • tour of the waterfall and oasis, lunch
    • at 2 p.m. the latest, we leave in the direction of Agdz
    • arrival in Agdz, overnight stay
  • Merzouga - Raid Sahara

    Day 12: 24 OCtober
    • from Agdza we leave at 8:00 in the morning in the direction of Merzouga, we drive about 300 km or 5 hours and, this route takes us over the rocky/sandy Sahara and there are not many villages or inns on the way
    • arrival at Merzouga camp
    • camel ride to the golden dunes and back
    • a full-day trip to the desert, with jeeps, a tour of a Bedouin village, learning about life in these communities, a mini-concert of Bedouin music is also possible, a tour of fossil sites and the occasional lake, lunch in the desert

  • Day of rest

    Day 13: 25 OCtober
    • picnic by arrangement
    • enjoying the golden dunes of Merzouga
  • Todra canyon

    Day 14: 26 OCtober
    • departure from Merzouga at 8.30 in the direction of Erfud and Tinejdad
    • visit the underground canal for water (system and for irrigation) around Erfu da
    • visit the museum of Moroccan culture, next to the road, and sources of hot water in With ahari
    • a distant view of the largest solar power plant NOOR, producing electricity to power 350,000 households. Panels containing oil are heated by the sun, and this oil drives the power plant and produces electricity.
    • then we drive along the road in the direction of Todra to the camp, where we spend the night
    • afternoon visit to the canyon in Todra
  • Dadas canyon

    Day 15: 27 OCtober
    • departure at 8.30 min towards the Dadas canyon
    • arrival at the camp in the afternoon
    • we drive along the famous winding road 8 km away from the camp, with tea at the top
    • afternoon trek lasting two hours, above the camp along the canyon, we leave around 5 p.m., approximately 3 hours of walking
  • Ouarzazate

    Day 16: 28 OCtober
    • departure in the morning at 8.30, direction Ouarzazate, about 130 km or 2 hours
    • tour of the film studio in front of the city
    • arrival at the camp, in the evening sightseeing of the city and medina
  • Ait-Benhaddou

    Day 17: 29 OCtober
    • departure in the morning at 8:00 from Dadas in the direction of Kasbah at Ait-Benhaddou
    • tour of a traditional Berber house
    • overnight stay in a hotel or camp
  • Marrakech

    Day 18: 30 OCtober
    • morning departure around 8.30 from Ait-Benhaddou to Marrakech
    • we drive through the Atlas, on a panoramic road
    • parking by the wall of the medina, 1 km on foot to the GPS center
      overnight stay in a camp, 5 km outside the city
    • sightseeing of the city and the famous square, medina, mosque, etc.
  • Cascades d'Ouzoud waterfalls

    Day 19: 31 OCtober
    • we drive to the Cascades d’Ouzoud waterfalls, about 160 km or 2.5 hours of driving
    • arrival at the camp
    • afternoon there is a visit to the waterfalls
    • overnight stay in the camp

    The Ouzoud waterfalls are an unmissable destination. Located in the North East of Marrakech. This place is much more than just a waterfall: it’s also one of the most beautiful natural sites that can be found in this part of Africa; so it should come as no surprise to find its popularity among tourists on the rise!

    Ouzoud Waterfall
    Ouzoud Waterfall

  • Meknes

    Day 20: 1 November
    • departure in the morning from the camp at 8.30 in the direction of Meknes
    • purchase of domestic oil with the host who will show us the processing of olives into oil
    • driving along panoramic roads, winding roads, hills and roads
    • overnight stay in a hotel or camp in Meknes
    • tour of the medina
  • Volubilis, Moulay Idriss, Chefchaouen

    Day 21: 2 November
    • departure at 8:30 a.m., 200 km drive to the city of Chefchaouen
    • visit to the ancient Roman city of Volubilis
    • tour of the holy city of Moulay Idriss, 28 km from Meknes
    • at 13:00 departure to the blue city of Chefchaouen
    • overnight stay in the camp

    Blue City - Chefchaouen
    Blue City – Chefchaouen

  • Drive to Tangier

    Day 22: 3 November
    • morning departure for Tangier at 8 o’clock
    • arrival at the camp or hotel l
    • City tour in the evening
    • tour of the medina, nice and cheap for shopping
    • final picnic in the afternoon
  • Preparing for return

    Day 23: 4 November
    • leave the parking lot, we drive and stop at the Marjane shopping center
    • in the afternoon we continue our journey to the port of Tangier Med (it is not necessary to arrive at the port before 4:00 p.m.)
    • arrangement of documentation in the ferry port
    • boarding the ferry
  • Sailing, arrival to Genoa

    Day 24 - 26: 5 - 7 November

Who we are

2023 Raid Africa: Morocco is led and organized by Bojan Dvoršek & Alfijo Glavić.

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    What’s included in “Raid Africa: Morocco” 2cv raid?

    • tickets to campsites
    • Larache city tour
    • Casablanca city tour with visit of the mosque of Hasan II
    • Essaouira full-day tour of the city
    • visit to the production of argan
    • Moroccan cooking course, under the watchful eye of the guide,
    • preparing a meal in Tajine dishes
    • visit to the saffron cooperative in the town of Taliouine
    • camel riding to the golden dunes and back
    • a full-day trip to the desert, with jeeps, a tour of a Bedouin village
    • a tour of fossil sites
    • visit the museum of Moroccan culture
    • visit to the canyon in Todra
    • a tour of the film studio in front of Ouarzazate
    • tour of a traditional Berber house
    • Marrakech sightseeing of the city
    • Visit to the Cascades d’Ouzoud waterfalls
    • visit to the ancient Roman city of Volubilis
    • tour of the holy city of Moulay Idriss
    • visit to the blue city of Chefchaouen
    • Tangier tour in the evening
    • final picnic in the afternoon
    • any food and drinks during the raid
    • gas
    • car repairs on the road
    • mechanical parts
    • travel insurance
*total price is calculated according to current prices on the market, If the prices change, we will be forced to change the total price

* The pricing structure was established in September of 2022. It is important to note that in the event of any changes in pricing from third-party services, adjustments to our pricing may also occur.
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