Best Croatian waterfalls & National parks Tour 2023

Price: €1050 per person
Duration: 8 days


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Experience the raw, electrifying beauty on a unique, scenic, and one-of-a-kind Croatian waterfalls and national parks trip.

This 8-day journey to the heart of Croatia will take you to some of Europe’s most pristine and unspoiled natural areas including National parks of Paklenica, Krka National Park, and arguably the most beautiful Croatian waterfalls, Plitvice lakes.

2CV cars raid - Best Croatian waterfalls & National parks

Raid details

  • 8 days
  • 29 May - 6 June
  • Max. number of cars: 25
  • Minimum Age: 18+
  • Meeting point: Samobor
  • meet Croatian Citroen 2CV club members
  • see the wild horses race across the plain, beautiful landscapes the incredible vistas of Zadar hinterland
  • explore thrilling Winnetou cinematic locations on Jeep safari
  • marvel at the stunning Croatian waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes and Krka, sail around 140 scattered islands and islets of Kornati Archipelago


Day 1: Samobor

Day 2: Samobor – Plitvice Lakes National park

Day 3: Plitvice Lakes National park – Paklenica National park

Day 4: Plitvice Lakes National park – Biograd – Vrana Lake Nature park

Day 5: Vrana Lake Nature park – Krka National park – Opuzen


  • Settling in, raid introduction

    DAY 1: 29 May
    Rural holiday cottage in Croatia -
    Rural holiday cottage in Croatia – “Pod Okićem”

    Arrive at “Pod Okićem” campsite. The atmosphere surrounding this small campsite is truly fairytale-like. The campsite is nestled amidst rural houses located under the fortifications of the medieval town of Okić. Take a walk around the campsite and enjoy beautiful views over the surrounding fields, trees and hills of Samoborsko gorje.

    The moment you set foot on the camp, you’ll be intoxicated by sights, sounds and smells. Take in the breathtaking view and capture it on camera. Experience the magic of a place where time has stood still for decades. Meet fellow 2CV enthusiasts while hanging out at the campsite. Share exciting 2CV stories. There’s no better way to make friends than over good conversation and being outdoors!

    Afterwards, you can look forward to a delicious Croatian home made dinner. It’s one of the greatest pleasures anyone can experience. With so much love going into each dish, you won’t be able to wait to taste them! A delicious combination of crackling sausages, savory delicatessen, deliciously made cream & cheese with bread, and fresh eggs.

    At 8pm we’ll be visiting the Citroen 2CV Pub in Samobor. There we’ll enjoy the presentation of the 2CV raid programme, how it was prepared and what is to be expected. Also, you’ll be able to sign in for the activity of your choice on the next day. If you’re an adventurous soul, sign up to explore the hills of Samobor on a trekking trip. If you’re a city type, or architecture lover, choose Zagreb tour.

    There you will meet and chat with Croatian 2CV club members. It’s a community that has been operating nationwide for more than 20 years. They have organized many 2CV meetings. Also, they visited many events around the world representing Croatia. Even the famous Raid Laponia in 2000 and 2004! Do you love adventurous, entertaining, and celebratory experiences? Then You’ll fit perfect with this camaraderie of special people, all sharing the same passion – love for 2CV.

  • Start the engines, it's best time to visit Plitvice lakes

    DAY 2: 30 May

    Wake up to a delicious breakfast, and start off the day with sunlight and scenic views. At 9AM go on an exhilarating drive through two beautiful cities, Karlovac and Slunj before arriving at one of the most beautiful Croatian national parks, Plitvice Lakes National Park for some spectacular scenery.

    Once you arrive at the campsite in the park, it’s time to settle into your tent surrounded by natural beauty – a truly perfect way to spend one night immersed in nature.

  • Paklenica Jeep safari - wild horses and Dalmatian hinterland

    DAY 3: 31 May

    Starting the day early by driving to the old bridge at Paklenica National Park at 9:00AM, where you will join other intrepid nature lovers in anticipation of embarking on a Jeep Safari.

    Upon arrival, we’ll be welcomed by our host who will do a short introduction before dividing us into groups of 4-5 individuals and then assigning each group its own Land Rover Defender. We’ll get acquainted with our driver, discuss the itinerary and rules, board, and then go on a 15 minute drive until we reach Libinje Plateau!

    Here, we’ll hop out of the vehicle and explore the village of Luka Modrić for about half an hour before proceeding with our Jeep Safari through the mountains on winding roads.

  • Stunning vistas of Kornati national park

    DAY 4: 1 June

    We start the drive at 8:30 from the campsite to Biograd, where we embark on a day-long boat ride through one of the country’s most beautiful national parks, Kornati.

    We then return to Biograd via Vrana Lake where we can admire the beauty of Croatia’s natural scenery as well as taste some tasty Croatian finger food! Before heading back home after our fun adventure, we take advantage of all that Vrana Lake has to offer, including shopping for home-grown fruits and vegetables. Then we head back home for a well-deserved night’s rest.

  • Breathtaking waterfalls of Krka

    DAY 5: 2 June

    We start the drive at 9AM, after breakfast, and we drive to Krka, national park in Dalmatian hinterland, with some of the most stunning Croatian waterfalls. It was founded in 1985 and covers an area of 109 square kilometres. The park is known for its stunning waterfalls, including Skradinski Buk, the biggest waterfall in the park.

    Krka National Park is a beautiful place to visit, and there are plenty of sites to see and enjoy. Highlights include visiting the 17 waterfalls, taking a boat ride on the Krka River, visiting the old monastery on Visovac island and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

    Some of the best waterfalls in Krka national park are: Roški Slap, Skradinski Buk, Bilušića buk, Brljan, Manojlovac Slap, Rošnjak, Miljacka Slap.

    Free time for lunch. Back to the boat and return to Skradin, followed by free time (1 hour). Then we continue driving to Opuzen. We reach Opuzen in the evening, where we are welcomed by Croatian 2CV Citroen Club.

  • 2CV's connecting the EU

    Days 6, 7 & 8: 3 - 5 June

    This is a real opportunity to show off your 2CV and to meet the people of the 2CV Club in Croatia. Join us in the Pelješac Bridge Opening Event. As we cross the new bridge we will have a party in the campsite, and also do a round of the country side visiting local wine, schnaps and jam makers.

    It’s a great opportunity to meet some of the local residents, see the natural beauty, and learn some new things about Croatia. See the sights and beauties of the southern Adriatic and participate in the opening of the Pelješac bridge, connecting the south of Croatia and thus the EU. The Pelješac bridge is THE biggest infrastructural project in Croatia, and the opening will be a huge event. Be a part of it in the best way possible – riding across the bridge in the caravan of 2CV’s.

    The project, known as “Spačeki povezuju EU” (2cv’s connecting the EU) includes: touring the delta of Neretva river, campsite party, opening of the Pelješac bridge (biggest infrastructural project in Croatia), free time reserved for optional Dubrovnik visit, riding in the ladja (indigenous vessel of Neretva river), visiting the Neretva valley – the kingdom of home-grown fruit and vegetables, tour of jam, shnaps and wine makers.

    At the end of day 8 say goodbye to Croatian waterfalls & National parks raid, and all the great people you met there, and go your own way, wherever you want to drive your 2CV.

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    What’s included in “Best Croatian waterfalls & National parks Tour” 2cv raid?

    • 2 days at Ethno house “Pod Okićem” campsite
    • welcome drink, sign in gift bag
    • dinner on the 1st day at campsite, breakfast on the 2nd day at campsite, lunch on the 4th day
    • 2CV specialist service to inspect the vehicle and 2CV mechanic assistance during the raid
    • tickets to Plitvice National park (with guided tour) and campsite
    • tickets to Paklenica National park and Land Rover jeep safari (with guides)
    • 2 nights at campsite in Vrana lake Nature park
    • boat trip to Kornati National park with lunch
    • tickets to Vrana Lake viewpoint + welcome drink and finger food
    • tickets to boat tour of Krka National park
    • campsite at Opuzen
    • registration fee for the 2CV Club meeting
    • assistance team during the raid + organization and trip reservation
    • drinks during the raid
    • trekking (day 2 – optional)
    • car repairs on the road
    • mechanical parts
    • travel insurance


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